Mommy Makeover NYC | Manhattan, Midtown, Brooklyn, Queens

You deserve to look beautiful. You’re a mom. You’ve been through a lot. Seriously. No man can ever understand how difficult pregnancy is. However painful they think it is, they need to multiply that by 10 times at least.

Do you feel unhappy with how you look after your pregnancy? No worries. A lot of women do. A lot of women get affected by pregnancy. It makes sense. And it’s not your fault. During pregnancy, you have to eat a lot in order to keep your baby healthy. You had no choice. So your body went through changes. But now you want to fix it.

You’ve come to the right place. We’ve had many years of experience in doing mommy takeovers. We’ve had hundreds of happy moms who love the way they look now.

Are you ready to get your Mommy Makeover? You deserve it. If your husband doesn’t want to pay for it, he’s a terrible human being.

In NYC, What Procedures Do I Get From the Mommy Makeover?

It’s a la carte – fancy words for: you get to pick and choose which procedures you want. There’s no set package. There’s no “all or nothing”.

These are the procedures we offer in our NYC location. They are primarily around the breasts and tummy, the two areas that people usually look at to judge attractiveness

  • Breast Reduction – we remove fat from your breasts. Some women choose this procedure in order to get rid of “flappy boobs” and get “perky boobs” instead.
  • Breast Augmentation – some of our patients lose size in their breasts from their pregnancy. We can give you breast implants to make your breasts look bigger and more attractive – overnight!
  • Liposuction – a one shot trick to get rid of all the fat around your tummy area. About as close as you can get to a six pack in just one afternoon!

Why choose the Mommy Makeover Club in NYC?

Our doctors in NYC have gotten medical education from the finest medical schools in the country. This represents literally 20+ years of experience. Many happy patients who love their new look after their mommy makeover.

Come give us a call if you’re interested in getting your mommy makeover!

We also service these locations:

  • Midtown
  • Uptown
  • Financial District
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Harlem

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Mommy Makeover cost?

It really depends on the procedures you’re getting. Some procedures are more expensive than other procedures. Give us a call, tell us which procedures you want to get, and we can quote you an accurate price.

Are there Risks and Side Effects of a Mommy Makeover procedure?

Because this is an invasive surgery where we will cut into your skin, there is always a risk of a complication.

Every surgery will have the following side effects (and we mean every surgery. It is not just mommy makeovers):

  • Scars
  • Bleeding
  • Infection


There are usually scars along where we’ve done surgery. These areas are usually the breast and lower abdomen as a result of the breast or liposuction procedures.

However there is a way to mitigate the effects of these scars. They are usually done along the lines where you would put your bikini in anyway, or along the natural folds of the body so it doesn’t even stand out.

Also, the scars usually heal over time as the body heals the skin.


This is temporary and usually only the early periods following your procedure.

After my Mommy Makeover, can I have sex?

Better safe than sorry. We recommend a period of 2-3 weeks before engaging in sex. This is to give your scars a chance to heal.

Especially if you got a tummy tuck procedure, then you may need to wait a little bit longer.

Is it possible to undergo more procedures to remove the scars from plastic surgery?

Yes there is! But it’s not a procedure. There are silicone strips you can purchase and have it go on your skin. Those are temporary strips, not permanent.

Another possibility is a scar cream which contains silicone. This is a common treatment by people who have scars and want to fix the appearance.